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1 Deathray

Figure 1: Deathray Control Panel

An optional deathray may be mounted on the front of the helicopter for world-domination missions. To mount the deathray, click the front bubble, then choose "@Options" from the main menu. On the options menu enabled "Deathray". Click the Deathray option again, to detach it.

1.1 Arming and Charging

To enable use of the deathray, the deathray must be armed, and aircraft DC power must be available (battery or dynamo). The deathray is armed with a switch mounted on the front console near the radio. The deathray may also be armed/disarmed with the chat command:

s deathray

When the deathray is unarmed. The energy crystals surrounding the weapon will be dark. Once the weapon is put in the armed state, there will be a charging period which can be observed from the blue pulses passing through the crystals. A full charge requires about 5 seconds. The weapon will also need to recharge after firing.

1.2 Operation

The deathray can be operated through the HUD, or through a chat command to fire. The deathray panel (Figure 1) is a fold-out on the top of the main HUD. Click the "ATTACK" tab to open are close it. The panel consists of four arrow buttons to control the aim of the deathray relative to the aircraft, and a large "fire" button. To fire with chat, use the commands:

dr fire