Steamly S2-S

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Steamly S2-S


Role World Domination
Manufacturer Steamly
SL First Flight 2022
SL Introduction TBD

The Steamly S2-S is the pinnacle of modern steam aviation with a 200HP steam engine, a closed loop steam system to minimize loss of boiler water, and a state-of-the-art steam turbine.

The SAFE (Shergood Aviation Flight Engine) engine driving this virtual reproduction is the most advanced and realistic in SL., developed by an RL helicopter pilot The engine is purely physics based and features independent control of cyclic, collective and anti-torque pedals. Many real-world helicopter effects are also modeled as part of the engine including translational lift, translating tendency, ground effect, main rotor torque and vortex ring state.

Master Contents

  1. General
  2. Systems
  3. Avionics
  4. Limitations
  5. Normal Procedures
  1. Emergency Procedures
  2. Weight and Balance
  3. SL Features
  4. Weapons Systems


  • Sounds - Lorin Tone
  • Flight Testing - Tsukino Usagi (tsukino.firethorn)
  • Design, Mesh, Textures and Scripting - Kelly Shergood