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1 V1.0 Release Notes (2020.08.21)

  • Fixed bug in marker Beacons
  • Fixed GPS chat command bugs
  • Added searchlight chat commands
  • Made qstart set transponder to Normal
  • Added patient health change messages
  • Ignoring collisions with seated avi to avoid messages with the new LL region crossing code.
  • Integrated ramps into onboard
  • Added backboard and headblocks for stokes
  • Added checklist HUD
  • Added missing command summary notecard.

2 V0.9.3 Release Notes (2020.07.26)

  • Removed unnecessary tint on tail rotor.
  • Added "wx" commands for controlling ceiling.
  • Fixed "start" command message.
  • Added sounds for engine/apu fires.
  • Added more failure rates.
  • Fixed activating cable shear in "cargo" version causes bad behavior.
  • Added burned textures for the engines and apu
  • Added burned out bulbs for warning lights
  • Added box of replacement bulbs on workbench.
  • Fixed "Repair all resets the air bottle used flag but does not refill bottle"
  • Updated Emergency Fuel Control Levers checklist page

3 V0.9.2 Release Notes (2020.07.10)

  • Fixed "engine dies when engine controller fails"
  • Added engine chip lights
  • Updated scripts for "cargo conversion kit" compatibility.
  • Added "extra" textures
  • Added cargo conversion kit
  • Added covers
  • Fixed "starter/igniter sounds don't work when there are any failures"
  • Fixed "wheels keep spinning if A/C goes non-physical while in ground motion"

4 V0.9.1 Release Notes (2020.07.03)

  • Improved Emergency Fuel Lever Handling
  • Fixed "Turning off fluid consumption sets APU accumulator level to 0 and prevents APU starting"
  • Fixed "Tail rotor strikes damage main rotor instead"
  • Fixed "Anchoring too close to a sim edge can cause the aircraft to be flung around if it crosses the sim edge while anchored" (will auto unanchor on crossing)
  • Improved handling on water with wind.
  • Checklist fixes (e.g., missing diagrams)
  • Improved HD water bullet detection for engine fire suppression
  • Fixed "workbench does not clear fire detect flag on engine replacement"

5 V0.9.0 Release Notes (2020.06.26)

  • Initial public beta release.