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1 Flying Resources

Sl-hfh-cover.png The SL Helicopter Flying Handbook is full of useful information on flying helicopters equipped with the Shergood Flight System. This manual includes fundamentals of helicopter aerodynamics, helicopter systems, basic and advanced flight maneuvers, and navigation in SL.

2 Aircraft

S58 001.png S61-pelican.png H160-square.png Chinook.png
H-34 (S-58) Choctaw S-61R Pelican H-160 Chinook CH-47

Ec135-vip.png S64-instrument-panel.png H92.png S92.png
EC-135 S-64 H-92 S-92

E280c.png Uh4.png B305.jpg New b2b-sqr.jpg
Enstrom 280C UH-4 Commuter Brantly 305 Brantly B2-B

3 Aircraft Feature Comparison

Aircraft SA-FE Ver. Instruments Onboard Weather Hooks Hoist Rappel Autopilot Nav. Floats
H-34 (S-58) Choctaw 1.4.1 gauges swap 2.0 Green-check-32.png Green-check-32.png Green-check-32.png limited VOR add-on
S-61R Pelican 1.4 gauges full 1.0 Green-check-32.png Green-check-32.png Green-check-32.png integrated FMS+GPS+VOR Green-check-32.png
H-160-UTL 1.3.5 glass swap 1.0 integrated FMS+GPS emergency
H-160-VIP 1.3.5 glass swap 1.0 integrated FMS+GPS emergency
H-160-EMS 1.3.5 glass swap 1.0 Green-check-32.png Green-check-32.png integrated FMS+GPS emergency
Chinook CH-47 1.3 gauges full 1.0 Green-check-32.png Green-check-32.png integrated FMS+GPS* Green-check-32.png
EC-135-EMS 1.3 glass n/a 1.0 add-on stand-alone GPS add-on
EC-135-VIP 1.3 glass n/a 1.0 stand-alone GPS add-on
EC-135-POL 1.3 glass n/a 1.0 Green-check-32.png stand-alone GPS add-on
S-64 1.3 gauges n/a n/a (cargo hoist) stand-alone GPS n/a
H-92 1.3 glass full n/a Green-check-32.png stand-alone GPS emergency
S-92 1.3 glass full n/a stand-alone GPS emergency
Enstrom 280C 1.2 gauges n/a n/a n/a GPS n/a
UH-4 Commuter 1.2 gauges n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Brantly 305 1.1 gauges n/a n/a n/a GPS n/a
Brantly B2-B 1.4 gauges n/a 1.0 n/a GPS Green-check-32.png

4 Equipment

Backpack-deicer-sqr.png Deicing-truck.png PaintWizard Square.jpg Kellyfuel-square.jpg
Backpack Deicer Deicing Truck Paint Wizard Kelly Fuel

Cargo-hook-kit-small.jpg Helitank-bottom.png Logbook-thumb.png Alarm-thumb.jpg
Cargo Hook Kit Helitank for S-64 Aircrane Pilot Logbook ELT Alarm Box

Floatindex-thumb.png Gps-screen-thumb.jpg Kimbi-thumb.jpg Transponder-thumb.jpg
EC-135 Emergency Float Kit Advanced Transponder and GPS HUD Kimibi Bucket for CH-47 Basic Transponder HUD

Modkit-thumb.png Radar-thumb.jpg Rdfhud-thumb.png Winch-thumb.png
Tail Number Modkit Airport Radar Radio Direction Finder HUD EC-135 Rescue Winch Kit
Kellbucket thumb.png

5 Practical Test Standards

Private Helicopter PTS
Commercial Helicopter PTS
ATP Helicopter PTS
Flight Instructor Helicopter PTS