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Kelly Fuel


1 Introduction

2 Selecting Aircraft

To use the KellyFuel 3.0 pump to service your aircraft, use the following procedure to prepare aircraft for fueling:

  1. Park aircraft within 20m of pump.
  2. Click pump. Select aircraft by tail number.
  3. Select tank on aircraft to be filled.
  4. Open access door and cap for that tank.
  5. Click ground wire spool near Jet-A or 100LL side of pump as appropriate to attach ground wire to aircraft.

3 Fueling Aircraft

Once aircraft has been selected, to Fuel Aircraft:

  1. Click on fuel hose insert nozzle into filler.
  2. Press ENT on keypad to verify it has been grounded
  3. Click the credit card reader to "read" your credit card (RP Only)
  4. Select 2 for Jet-A Fuel
  5. Enter the maximum number of gallons, then ENT
  6. Reset the meter by clicking the knob on the side
  7. Turn the switch next to the pump on the Jet-A side to ON
  8. Wait for fueling to complete. Fueling will stop when requested number of gallons have been added, the tank is full, or you turn the fuel switch to OFF.
  9. Press either 1 to fuel another tank, or 2 to end fueling.