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The KELL Bucket is designed as a modkit for the Shergood Aviation H-92. While operation with other modifiable helicopters may be possible, only compatibility with the H-92 is guaranteed. The KELL Bucket system is comprised of the bucket and cables for suspending it; a hook on the belly of the aircraft; an internal control panel; and a hud version of the control panel. Chat commands can also be used to control the bucket. The KELL Bucket system supports multiple drop speeds, foam mixture, partial drops, and partial fills. An optional HUD is also included with the system.



To install the KELL Bucket modkit, perform the following steps:

  1. Rez a fresh H-92 without the modkit. Ensure power is off and that there are no occupants.
  2. Rez the "SA KellBucket Modkit" object within 10m of the aircraft.
  3. Copy the *modkit-target script from the crate and drag it on to your h-92.
  4. Touch "SA KellBucket Modkit" .
  5. Grant link privileges to the modkit.
  6. Wait for installation to complete.
  • NOTE: Once you drop the *modkit-target script on the aircraft, the aircraft will be in a non-functional state until the modkit installation is complete.


This system is designed to be compatible with HD Fire v2016.06.21 or later. KELL Bucket may work partially with older versions of HD Fire, but may not be as effective.


Primary power (APU, GPU, or main generators) must be available to deploy the bucket. If primary power is lost for any reason, the bucket will automatically hide itself. The bucket is deployed by pressing the button in the upper left corner of of the KELL Bucket control panel or on the HUD, or by using the "fb show" chat command. To deploy bucket for normal use, you must be at a sufficient altitude for the bucket to hang under the aircraft (approximately 10 meters). Hiding the bucket is done by clicking the same button on the console or hud used to deploy, or by using the "fb hide" chat command.

3.1 Service Mode

If the aircraft is on the ground when you use the "fb show" command, the bucket will be deployed in "service mode". While in service mode you can click on the foam bladder to refill it.


The cockpit control panel installs in the middle rear portion of the center console between the pilot and co-pilot seats. The upper left corner of the KELL Bucket panel shows the deploy status of the bucket. A red "X" below the helicopter icon indicates that the bucket is hidden. In the upper right corner is the DROP button which will drop any water or water/foam mixture in the bucket. In the lower right corner is the drop speed indicator. There are two drop speeds: SLOW and FAST. Clicking on the speed indicator will toggle between the two modes. Three groups of display values are shown down the center of the control panel, with a knob to configure each. The top group is the FILL LEVEL. The SET value shows the amount of water to pick up when dipping the bucket in a source. By default, the fill level is set to 100%, but it can be set as low as 50%. Click the knob next to the fill level to change the max amount of water to hold. The CUR value below the SET value shows the current quantity of water in the bucket. This value will count up when dipping the bucket, and count down during a drop.

The FOAM group shows the current mix of Class A Foam fluid in the water. The mix can be set to between 0% and 1% in 0.1% increments. Foam will increase the effectiveness on the fire. Bellow the MIX value in the foam group is the CUR value. This shows the current amount of Class A foam fluid remaining in the fluid bladder. Clicking on the knob next to the foam group will allow you to set the foam mixture.

The last value is the DROP size. This is the percent capacity to drop for each push of the DROP button with several caveats. Note that if current amount of water in the bucket is below 50%, then the drop size value will be ignored and the rest of the water will be dropped. This normally allows for up to three drops per bucketfulll depending on the configured drop size.


There are three methods that can be used to fill the bucket: 1) dipping the bucket in any Linden water source, 2) using the include dip tank, 3) dipping in any phantom prim with the included water script. It will take several seconds to fill, and the current fill level will be shown on the control panel and in the optional HUD. There is no need to be in a rez zone to collect water.


Water is dropped by pressing the DROP button, or with the "fb drop" chat command. A drop can drop the full bucket, or depending on settings in up to three drops per bucketfull. Because the HD Fire system depends on dropping physical objects on the fire, you must be in a place you are allowed to rez to fight HD fires. If a drop is performed in a no-rez area, particle and other effects will continue to operate normally, but no HD Fire features will work.


The dip tank can be useful when there are no Linden water sources near by. The tank holds approximately 10,000 gallons, with each bucket-full being 230 gallons. Just dip the bucket into the tank to pick up some water. With each pick up, the level in the tank will go down slightly. To refill the tank, click the tank to get the menu, then choose [Level], then the desired water level for the tank. There is also an [Access] menu that lets you select who is allowed to set the water level in the tank (owner, group or public).


Product updates are managed through the dip tank. Product updates will be checked when rezing the dip tank, or when explicitly checking with the [Update] command in the main menu.


An object named "water" is also included in the box. The script contained in this prim may be copied and used in your own water prims to make them compatible with the Kell Bucket system. The script must be placed in the root prim and is based on volume detect and so will implicitly make any prims you use it with phantom.


Most of the KELL Bucket functionality can be performed using chat commands. All bucket commands begin with "fb". The usable commands are:

Command Description
fb show Show the bucket
fb hide Hide the bucket
fb dump Do a dump (same as pressing button)
fb fillto n Set the max fill level for the bucket
fb foam n Set the foam mixture for the bucket
fb dropsize n Set the size of drops
fb fast Place bucket in fast drop mode
fb slow Place bucket in slow drop mode
fb fill Backdoor command to fill bucket