EC-135 Rescue Winch Kit

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EC-135 Rescue Winch Kit


The rescue winch enables you to pick up patients from hard to get to locations that may be unsuitable for landing. This winch is specially made for the EMS edition and include three different rescue winch load types. The system is fully linked and will operate in no-rez zones. Primary features include:

  • Fits the EC-135 EMS version
  • Easy to install
  • Fully linked system works in no-rez zones
  • Fold out winch arm
  • Seamless transfers between equipment and interior
  • Three different winch loads:
    • Basket
    • Stokes Litter
    • Harness
  • Jumpseat and kneeling pose for winch operator
  • Control panels on pilot console and in rear
  • Optional HUD and chat commands
  • Free Updates

Note: This kit includes the winch only. You must own the helicopter in order to attach this winch kit.



To install your rescued winch kit, use the following procedures:

  • Rez your Shergood EC-135.
  • Unpack your winch kit. Copy the winch kit and installer script to your inventory.
  • Rez the winch kit within 10m of the helicopter.
  • Drag the installer script *sa-winch-installer on to your aircraft.
  • The script will ask for permission to change links. Click Yes.
  • The rest of the installation will proceed automatically.


2.1 Type of Operation

The winch systems is approved under FAR/CS 27 regulations for training and rescue operations.

2.2 Airspeed Limitations

Winch arm retracted

  • Same as published in POH

Winch arm extended

  • Maximum airspeed is limited to 80 KIAS


The winch is controlled through one of two control panels, one mounted in the cockpit, and one mounted near the door on the right side of the aircraft. An optional HUD has the same layout as the built-in control panels and is used in the same maner.

3.1 Winch Power

Power is supplied to the winch through the #2 power bus. To power on the system click the PWR button in the upper left corner of the control panel. When the system is powered on, the winch arm will automatically extend into position for use. When the system is powered off, the winch arm will automatically retract to the side of the aircraft. Maximum aircraft speed with arm extended is 80 KIAS.

3.2 Winch Mode

Four buttons in the upper right control the mode. The mode can be changed only when the winch load at or near the top. The four modes are:

  • Hook - Unslects all rescue equipment
  • Harness - Selects the harness for rescuer
  • Basket - Selects the basket for ambulatory patients
  • Litter - Selects the Stokes litter for non-ambulatory patients

3.3 Winch Control

Buttons in the lower left are used to control the winch. The buttons labeled "+" and "-" change the winch speed, while the up arrow and down arrow buttons move the winch up or down. The arrow buttons are press and hold activated moving the which as long as you press them.

3.4 Status Display

The winch display shows the status of the winch including:

  • CABLE - Amount of winch cable played out in meters.
  • SPEED - Current winch speed setting from 1 (slow) to 5 (fast).
  • GROUND - Current height above the ground in meters.
  • MODE - Current mode setting.

3.5 Personnel and Patient Transfer

Version v1.2 and later of the EMS edition includes click-to-transfer seating. Clicking on an empty seat (including rescue equipment) will transfer your avatar to that seat. Due to SL limitations, the following restrictions apply:

  • Internally, SL itself records you as sitting you as sitting on your original seat. If your initial sit is on a seat SL thinks is occupied you will be redirected to an alternate seat.
  • The default camera will be positioned based on where you originally sit.

Certain seats are outside of the scope of the transfer system. The pilot and copilot may not change seats without standing, and transfers between the stretcher and crew seats are disabled to allow crew members to use the stretcher menu.

Crew members can move the patient in the rescue equipment into the helicopter by clicking on the equipment once it is fully (or nearly) retracted. A menu allowing the crew member to select a target location will be displayed.

3.6 Jumpseat Use

The winch installation includes a jumpseat that replaces the #2 EMS crewmember seat. For the purpose of sitting on the jumpseat, or transferring to it, the seatback is considered the seat. Clicking the seat itself will cause it to flip up or down. When the seat is flipped down, it acts as an ordinary seat. When it is flipped up, users "sitting" on that position will be posed kneeling in the doorway.


4.1 Menu Options

The following two context dependent menus are can be activated when touching the active rescue equipment.

  • User clicks while sitting on equipment - Position Adjustment menu allowing user to adjust their postion in X, Y, and Z directions.
  • User is in helicopter, and another user is on rescue equipment - Transfer menu allowing user to move the user on the equipment into the helicopter (e.g., to the stretcher).

4.2 Chat Commands

Chat commands for the winch system use the "w" prefix.

Command Description
w pwr Toggle power on/off
w x Unhook all rescue equipment
w h Select the harness
w b Select the rescue basket
w l Select the stokes litter
w + Increase the winch speed
w - Decrease the winch speed
w u n Move winch up by n meters.
w d n Move winch down by n meters.