Chinook CH-47/Painting Resources

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1 Files

Base files for the CH-47 paint can be found here:

File Description
ch47-paint.xcf GIMP file with all layers and layer groups.
ch47-paint.psd Photoshop exported from Gimp (some layers collapsed).
ch47-paint-xcf.psd Photoshop converted from Gimp by PhotoPea (layers preserved).
ch47-uvmap.png UV Map
ch47-aomap.png AO Map
ch47-rotor-uv.png Rotor UV Map
ch47-rotor-ao.png Rotor AO Map
ch47-rotor-blur.png Rotor Blur
ch47-rotor.png Main rotor texture
Figure 1: CH47 Paint Quadrents

2 Painting the Chinook CH-47

Figure 2: Post processing of 2048 texture

The CH-47 paint is intended to be created as a 2048x2048 texture that gets divided into four 1024x1024 textures for upload to SL. When the textures are placed into an SA paint can (see instructions in paint can for details on how to use it), the textures for the quadrants should be named as shown in Figure 1.

As an alternative, and for testing purposes, it is possible to apply the EC-135 paint as a single 1024x1024 texture. To do this, simply specify the same paint or uuid for all four of the body textures. Because the main body crosses the boundary between the quadrants between body-1 and body-2, and between body-3 and body-4, some post processing of the textures may be necessary to avoid artifacts at the boundary when applied to the model. The artifact, usually a dark line, is casued because when SL renders a texture on a surface, there is always some bleed at the texture edge from the opposite edge. In order to prevent these artifacts, use the following steps before splitting 2048x2048 texture into separate textures.

  1. Copy a 3x2048 column of pixels from position (1024,0) to position (0,0).
  2. Copy a 3x2048 column of pixels from position (1021,0) to position (2045,0).

This process is illustrated in Figure 2.