Chinook CH-47

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Chinook CH-47


Role Heavy-lift Transport
Manufacturer Boeing Defense
RL First Flight 21 September 1961
RL Introduction 1962
SL First Flight October 2017
SL Introduction 03 May 2018

This virtual CH-47D is a reproduction of the Boeing Chinook tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter. Work on the Chinook began by Vertol in 1957 with the first helicopters entering service in 1962. With a tripple hook cargo system, the CH-47D can carry external payloads up to 26,000 pounds. The CH-47D is also ideal for carrying cargo or personel.

This virtual CH-47 from Shergood Aviation has the most advanced systems model of any helicopter in Second Life. Features include:

  • Shergood Flight System
  • Compatible with GTFO
  • OnBoard system allows crew to walk around cabin in flight
  • Fully functioning cockpit
  • Nearly 100 functioning switches/knobs
  • Start sequence based on (and nearly identical to) the RL Choctaw
  • Six fuel tanks with both gravity and single-point refueling systems
  • Five transmission systems with independent fluid tracking and monitoring instruments
  • Three seprare hydraulic systems with independent fluid tracking and monitoring instruments
  • Functioning maintaince panel
  • Three hook external cargo system
  • Rescue hoist system
  • Simulated failures
  • AFCS (Autopilot)
  • VOR Navigation
  • Instrument Approaches
Master Contents

  1. General
  2. Systems
  3. Avionics
  4. Mission
  5. Limits
  6. Weight and Balance
  1. Normal Procedures
  2. Emergency Procedures
  3. Servicing
  4. SL Features
  5. Appendices
  6. Painting Resources
Video Tutorials


  • Aircraft research, model parameter tuning, SL aircraft feature design and curation, aircraft testing - Tsukino Usagi
  • Sounds - Lorin Tone
  • Mesh, Textures, Scripting - Kelly Shergood