Cargo Hook Kit

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Cargo Hook Kit


Certain SA aircraft are packaged with a hook kit to allow you to build and share your own loads for the cargo hook system. The system is compatible with the S-61R and Chinook hook load system, but since the S-61R only has a single hook, only load with a single loop can be used with it.

The system is designed to offer a great deal of flexibility in how you configure your loads. The prim components of the system are full perm, while the script is copy/transfer allowing you to share any loads you create. The primary prim components of a load are:

  • sa-hookLoop - This is the actual loop that is attached to the hook on the helicopter.
  • sa-anchor - Anchor point on the load.
  • sa-cable - Cable connecting the loop and the load.

You can detach these from the built-in loads to create your own loads.

For each hook loop, you can include one to four cables and anchors. Edit the anchor to its desired position on the load, and the hook loop to its "resting" position to were it will be returned when the loop is not attached to a hook, and not held by an avatar. The cables may be placed anywhere and will be automatically adjusted when the script is dropped onto the load or reset. Note that the root prim should be positioned so that is is "right side up" (i.e., rotation other than z-rotation is 0).

Once you have edited the anchors and loops where you want them, drop in the script, or reset the script if it is already installed (simply pull the script from one of the included loads). The cables will arrange themselves to attach between a loop and one or two anchors. The closest two anchors to each loop will be used.

Several menu options are available for loads. The load menu can only be accessed by the owner and is brought up by clicking on an anchor. Available options are:

  • Link Msg - This is an option than can be turned on/off. When the option is on, a link message with a integer value of -749203379 will be sent when the load changes states (e.g.,suspeneded or not suspended). This message can be intercepted by other scripts to perform other customized actions.
  • Hang Height - Sets the height below the helicopter at which the load will hang.
  • Access - Sets who can maniuplate the hook loops. Default is anyone.
  • Stat Drp - Enables/disabled static drop mode. When static drop is enabled, the cargo load will turn static when dropped rather than staying physical. This can be useful for dropping boats on the water surface.