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Shergood Aviation's most recent project currently under construction. The EC-135 is a twin engine turbine helicopter popular in air ambulance, police and executive transport.

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Erickson S-64 Aircrane

This virtual S-64 Aircrane is a reproduction of what was originally the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane, now known as the Erickson S-64 Aircrane. It is a heavy-lift helicopter that employs two 4,050 shaft horsepower Pratt & Whitney JFTD12A engines. A single-point hoist system can be used with loads up to 20,000 pounds static (15,000 pounds for hydraulic raising/lower). Hard points on the sides can be used to attach various mission-specific pods. The first S-64 prototype was flown on May 9, 1962. The type certificate and manufacturing rights were later purchased by Erickson in 1992. This virtual S-64 has four seating positions for pilot, co-pilot, aft pilot (winch operator) and a jump seat.

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Sikorsky S-92

This virtual S-92 executive/VIP edition is a reproduction of the Sikorsky S-92. The S-92 is medium-lift helicopter with a max gross weight of 26,500 pounds powered by twin turbine engines. In the VIP configuration here it will carry three crew (pilot, copilot and flight attendant) and ten passengers. The S-92 has currently been selected to be the next Marine One helicopter for transport of the U.S. President.

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Sikorsky H-92

This virtual H-92 SAR edition is a reproduction of the Sikorsky H-92, the military/SAR version of the S-92. The H-92 is medium-lift helicopter with a max gross weight of 26,500 pounds powered by twin turbine engines. In the SAR version there is seating for pilot, copilot, observer, winch operator, and five additional crew members.

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Enstrom 280C

The Enstrom 280C "Shark" is one of many variants of the original F-28 design introduced in 1965. The 280C, introduced in 1975, features more power, a turbocharger and an aerodynamically refined design. It is powered by a Lycoming HIO-360-F1AD producing 225HP. It can seat two people when the right seat controls are installed, or 3 people when the controls are removed. Unlike many helicopters, the pilot sits in the left in the Enstrom due to the removable controls.

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Hiller UH-4 Commuter

This model is a recreation of the UH-4 prototype, currently residing in the Hiller Aviation Museum at the San Carlos Airport in California. The UH-4 was Stanley Hiller's fourth helicopter design, following his successful XH-44,the first successful coaxial rotor design.

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Brantly 305

This Shergood 305 is an SL reproduction of the classic Brantly 305 helicopter. The Brantly 305 was originally introduced in the 1960s. It uses a 305hp fuel-injected six cylinder horizontally opposed Lycoming IVO-540 engine. The 305 seats five and has wheels for ground taxi.

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Brantly B2B

This Shergood B2-B is an SL reproduction of the classic Brantly B2-B helicopter. The Brantly B2 was originally introduced in the late 1950s and was later upgraded to the B2-A and then the B2-B. It uses a 180hp fuel-injected four cylinder horizontally opposed Lycoming IVO-360 engine, a vertical variant of the engine commonly found in the Cessna 172.

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Other Aviation Items

Helitank for S-64 Aircrane

With a maximum main tank capacity of 2,650 gallons plus a 70 gallon foam concentrate reservoir, the Helitank is the ultimate in fire suppression technology for fighting HD fires. The Helitank also offers extreme versatility supporting both "coverage" and "salvo" drops. In "coverage" mode, the flow rate of water from the tank is dynamically controlled as airspeed changes to result in a constant density of water on the ground. Eight different coverage levels are supported. "Salvo" mode can be used when you need to get a lot of water to one place quickly, allowing you to dump up to the full contents of the tank at once. When combating multiple fires, pilot controls can also be used to select the drop size from 25% to a full drop.

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The KELL Bucket is designed as a modkit for the Shergood Aviation H-92. While operation with other modifiable helicopters may be possible, only compatibility with the H-92 is guaranteed. The KELL Bucket system is comprised of the bucket and cables for suspending it; a hook on the belly of the aircraft; an internal control panel; and a hud version of the control panel. Chat commands can also be used to control the bucket. The KELL Bucket system supports multiple drop speeds, foam mixture, partial drops, and partial fills. An optional HUD is also included with the system.

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Basic Transponder

A transponder is a device used in most modern aircraft to make the aircraft more visible to ATC (Air Traffic Control) radar. When an aircraft is illuminated by a radar signal, the transponder sends a code that is displayed on the ATC radar screen. The code, sometimes called a “squawk code”, is a 4-digit numeric value that is set by the pilot. This HUD makes your aircraft visible on a grid map that is accessible from an off-world web page modeling an ATC radar system.

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GPS and Transponder

The best tool for navigating around the grid. Program routes with multiple waypoints. Moving map shows your route, airports, waypoints and even other aircraft. Includes ability to select your approach at your destiniation airport.

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ELT Alarm Box

Put this up on your squadron headquarters to be alerted to crashed aircraft. Flashing lights and an audio siren will tell you an ELT signal has been detected.

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Radio Direction Finder HUD

A must-have piece of equipment for any rescue squad. Helps you locate crashed aircraft from their ELT signal.

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Airport Radar

This airport radar system use the media prim system to display a map of the immediate area around the region in which it was rezed overlaid with traffic using the SA transponder system. There are four zoom levels ranging from single region out to a 7x7 grid of regions centered on the airport. While the data displayed is the same as that available from the Shergood Aviation web site interface at, the in-world devices use an alternate web interface that has been optimized for in-world use.

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Tail Number Modkit

Register your non-Shergood modifiable aircraft in the Shergood tail number system. The kit includes mesh to display the tail number, an airworthiness certificate, a data plate and a HOBBS meter to keep track of your flight time.

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Fuel Pump

Shergood fuel gives you control over your refueling experience. Check current fuel quantities, and select the number of gallons to add. Compatible with all Shergood aircraft.

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